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Gunther McIntosh, PLLC, in Fort Lauderdale, has earned a reputation for providing high-quality legal counsel to corporate clients involved in business disputes and litigation in South Florida.

If your company is involved in a serious complex commercial litigation matter, you already know the cost in terms of time, money and creative energy. We know that resolving a dispute as cost-effectively as possible is always a primary goal. But we also know that complex business litigation often requires protecting long-term interests and objectives.

Gunther McIntosh is prepared to take any case to trial on your behalf and, at the same time, possesses the experience and skill to negotiate an acceptable resolution. Also, the diverse backgrounds and experience of the Gunther McIntosh attorneys allow us to handle a variety of types of cases and disputes.

Our lawyers’ experience includes resolving issues as diverse as:

  • Admiralty law and maritime claims litigation
  • Construction defects and property development litigation
  • Manufacturers product liability
  • Business, corporate and partnership disputes
  • Contractual disputes
  • Uniform Commercial Code claims
  • Banking litigation

We understand that every case is unique and that every client has different goals, interests and objectives. Thus, Gunther McIntosh’s attorneys will work with you to identify your goals and to develop effective strategies to protect your interests and achieve your objectives. We will meet with you to analyze the case, develop a strategy, and provide an estimate of what fees and costs are necessary to achieve your goals.

We employ the latest technology to effectively communicate with clients and to collect evidence and documentation which are often vital to the resolution of any dispute. The experience and efficiency of our attorneys and staff allow for a thorough, precise and thoughtful analysis of a client’s issues, and provide us with the ability to explore and present options for dispute resolution to a client.

Call us toll free at 877-284-6686 or send an email with a brief description of your disputed matter. We will return your call promptly and schedule an opportunity to meet regarding how an effective litigation strategy can help you.